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ACEF believes that Education is Transformation. We are giving hope to Ghana's children by resourcing families, schools, and villages so that education is available to those who are most in need. Children are in school because of people like you.

How can you get involved? Here are some ways to help:

Become a Child of Africa Partner

Give a monthly amount to help resource our education efforts in Ghana, and we’ll sign you up for our quarterly Child of Africa updates, highlighting the different ways your resources are touching lives. We’ll feature a story in each update newsletter so you can meet the children and mothers in our programs. In addition, as a Child of Africa sponsor, you will receive:

  • Our Annual Summary, which tells the stories of how lives have been impacted during the year through the work of ACEF
  • Artwork from one of the children in our programs
  • A video greeting from Ghana

Become a Partner
blessings for sarah

Sarah lives near Kumasi, Ghana, and is need of a surgery that cannot be performed in her home country. Her family has struggled to understand and deal with this medical issue because of its nature. Sarah’s body lacks what is necessary for her to physically transition from a girl to a woman. This disorder affects her fertility and puts her at risk for discrimination in her home country. This disorder, however can be treated by skilled and caring surgeons here. These gracious specialists have agreed to take her on as a patient and help change her story. Now, we need to raise money for hospital costs. Can you help us change Sarah’s story? We are in need of funds to pay for the expense of the visa, travel, hospital, and medications. We are looking for people and organizations that will provide blessings for Sarah. We invite you to join us on this journey write a new and different chapter in Sarah’s life.

Our Goal: $20,000

invest in a seamstress

These young women leave school after Junior High because their families are unable to pay school fees. ACEF is helping women who have not completed school learn a skill that will give them income and hope for the future. Apprentices complete a three-year program with the help of a sponsor, and donors who give toward the cost of an entry fee and materials (sewing machine, chair, and supplies). Your investment in a seamstress apprentice gives a woman choices in life.

Here are ways you can invest in our seamstress apprentices and the Women’s Sustainability Program:

Purchase the Ankaase Bag

We are strategizing a small business venture for the women in the village who want to learn to sew. Published patterned designer and former television and film costume designer, Steffani Lincecum, has designed a simple-to-make, but beautifully practical bag that can be easily stitched by our seamstress and her apprentices.

Provide Fabric for Sewing Projects:

"Give by the Yard" and more sustainability income goes to our apprentices. Your gift of $25 will provide 10 yards of fabric our seamstress and apprentice will use in sewing projects.

laptops for learning

Help us continue to provide laptops for the SDA School computer lab!

$300 will purchase a new computer

$150 will purchase half a computer or Microsoft Office 2010 software

$100 will purchase a printer

Any amount will help build the lab

Children at SDA School are required to take a course called Information and Technology, which teaches them how to use a computer and software. However, the school has no computers (thus, no software). It’s tough to learn computers in “theory only,” so we have resourced a computer lab for the school. The first batch of computers was delivered in October, 2012. Our goal is to provide the school with 30 new computers.

All proceeds from the sale of our Krobo Bead bracelets go toward the purchase of laptops, printers, scanners, and software.