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Victoria Addae

Victoria is 21 years old and had to drop out of school after Junior High. She and her four younger siblings recently came to Ankaase from a neighboring village to live with their grandmother. Her mother died and her father left the family with no support. Victoria is looking for a way to help her grandmother raise the children. Her entrance into the seamstress apprentice program will allow her to have a career and help take care of the children. She has identified a seamstress she would like to work under, and is now awaiting a sponsor to help her begin her career.

Your sponsorship of Victoria will benefit her dreams to learn the skill of sewing, and her desire to support her younger siblings and grandmother.

Angelina Afriyie

Anglelina is 20 years old and the eldest of six children. She couldn't continue her education after Junior High because there were no funds to pay her school fees. Her father is a security guard and her mother sells pawpaws. Angelina wanted to begin a sewing apprenticeship a few months after completing Junior High, but her family didn’t have the funds to pay for her entry fee and supplies. They also needed her to contribute to family income and could not afford for her to lose that income to become an apprentice.

Sponsorship allows Angelina to fulfill her dream of becoming a seamstress apprentice and owning her own sewing shop. She is apprenticing at the sewing shop of Esther Boatemaa in Ankaase.

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Francisca Asante

Francisca is 17 years old and lives with her grandmother and five siblings. Her mother has died and her father abandoned the family, and so there were no fees for her to continue school after Junior High School. Her grandmother is unable to work to support the family, and so it falls to Francisca to help care for her siblings.

Sponsorship allows Francisca to fulfill her dream of becoming a seamstress apprentice She is apprenticing at the tailor shop of Yaw Owusu in Ankaase.

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