School Special Facilities

ACEF School land
The ACEF proposes the establishment of this Ghana Youth Leadership Academy to focus on correcting these inadequacies described above and setting the highest achievement standards for students and teachers.  The Academy will aim at achieving 100 percent graduation rates, and preparing students for higher education. 


  1. All students will be required to participate in age-appropriate community service programs as part of their leadership training graduation requirement. 
  2. Individual responsibility, self-reliance, accountability, life skills and contribution to the Academy will be taught through student engagement in the School Farm Project.  Farm products will be sold to support the Academy, student stipends and the scholarship fund; thus encouraging hard work ethic and self-sufficiency.  
  3. The Academy will provide opportunities for High School student internships in appropriate Public and Private sector fields and Charitable Non-Government Organizations [NGOs].   These internships will introduce students to the skills needed in the modern day work environment.  Those students who will terminate their education at the High School level will leave this Youth Leadership Academy with life-long practical lessons they can survive on.


The Academy is designed to include the following facilities:

  1. Security wall, manned gates and access roads around the four acres of school land.
  2. Deep well providing safe and permanent water supply to each building on the campus.
  3. Electric generator on site supplying uninterrupted electricity to each building on the campus.
  4. Playing fields including a soccer field and tennis courts.
  5. Central kitchen with attached dining hall.
  6. Library & Learning Resource Center, computer lab, internet facility and multimedia lab.
  7. Auditorium.
  8. Gymnasium.
  9. Separate dormitories for Boys and Girls.
  10. Administration building & Conference Center
  11. Classrooms for KG, Primary, Junior & Senior High Students.
  12. Parking lots.
  13. School demonstration farm.